Hello everyone reading this post. This is both an opinion post and a warning.

I clicked on this link – http://www.homeprofitcoach.com/starwarsawaken/ and saw a very cool Star Wars video clip and the following text:

Attention Star War fans Watch the official trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens, coming to

Are you ready for a new Generation of Star Wars Fans to see what we grew up with!

I’m a Star Wars fan. I saw this and thought…. “cool! I want to check this out.”

So I gave my precious information and clicked the button that says “Get Instant Access.”

Want to know what came next? This page – http://www.worldprofit.com/dealers/default.cfm?CFID=11214130&CFTOKEN=50120316

The confirmation email I received was a confirmation for becoming a Worldprofit associate.

********** VERY VERY VERY VERY BAD!!!!!!!!! ***************

This is NOT about Worldprofit. This is about False Advertising!

I don’t know if the administration at Worldprofit know about this advertisement (it is likely from one of their associates). They should know, and they should not NOT be happy.

If you are a marketer I hope you don’t do something this stupid. Yes, I said stupid. This is false advertising in it’s purest form and it could get the Worldprofit business entity in A Lot of trouble.

I saw this and thought I would sound the alarm because this is a bad thing for our industry.

What say you?

Thanks again for reading my blah blah blah 🙂

Remember, If you Do NOTHING, you Achieve NOTHING Stop making excuses. Start Building your Business.

Written by John Brewer

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