Happy Sunday folks, Sports Ned Here…

Well its my Sunday to post, and the title of this post is in reference to the fact that two weeks ago was my turn to post as well, but I FORGOT!!!!  So, To all team members and especially Sunny, who runs this here Bloggy thing… IM SORRY

With that being said..  How is everyone doing?  is CTP teams everything you thought it would be?  Has it lived up to your expectations?  I ask this because we and the SAA’s seem to run away with the top 2 spots week after week and I am wondering if there are folks out there that are just getting tired or frustrated seeing the same two teams up there every week.  Has it become a chore?  Has it become something you dread trying to do?   I mean the daily challenge, the Submarine adventure, the Vaults and Keys..  daily tasks that earn you XP..  Well if it has become a chore, or a “job” then well.. let m just say this..  you are doing it wrong..

If you don’t look forward to surfing, doing the tasks daily then I’m sorry..  BUt the daily tasks, the surfing.. that’s not the MAIN component of CTP teams, the main component is working as a team, communicating with each other, networking, become friends, learning how to use TE’s to your advantage hen promoting you program, and most of all, to have fun with your teammates and enjoy spending time talking and getting to know them as people and not just some typed letters in a Skype window, a TE chat, or an email. 

If this has become a “job” to you, then maybe you should re-focus on what makes you happy or enjoy surfing or advertising and do that.  If you cant laugh with your teammates, cant have good conversation, or if you have become a silent member and are not talking or finding ways to communicate with your teammates, let me just say, you are missing out on a lot of knowledge and energy that can keep you motivated and enjoy the “work”.  I am not the most talkative person in our team Skype room, but then again I work at an offline job 55-60 hours per week, so I usually don’t have enough time to be the most social butterfly that I know I can be, but it does not stop me from participating when I can.

So my advice is this…  Have fun, enjoy your teammates, lean from them, get to know them, and build a team.  That will allow you to get the most out of what this was created for, its not about who is at the top of the leader board every week, its more about what you can learn, the people you meet and the fun you can all have together…

So Sunny…  NOW you can fire me if you want…  I promise not to miss any more postings….lol


Scott A Wright “The Sports Nerd”


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Written by Scott Wright

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