Badge hunting, badge hunting, and more badge hunting… is there anything else to talk about this week?

Oh yes, there is something else to talk about this week… our Lucky 13 surf queen Elina Balashova and her partner and surf slave Pat vd Toorn opened Sunshine Surf Club yesterday, and most of us in the Lucky 13 were busy helping to get Elina’s new traffic exchange off to a good start promoting. Sunshine Surf Club had the CTP Teams Daily Challenge yesterday as well.

So I was busy with all that the last 48 hours and most of this week, had next to no sleep, and whaddya know… I forgot to post here as scheduled this morning. Oops.

Sunny hasn’t fired me yet, thank goodness. Being that the Wrath of Sunny is probably in the top five on my list of Top Ten Dreaded Things Ever, I’m shocked I forgot about it before I went to bed (where I promptly fell into a coma for 15 hours).

But back to badge hunting… the CTP Bigfoot Badge Hunt kicked off at the beginning of the week and has just been a manic mass of chaos and activity, as CTP badge hunts usually are. Tom and Sunny have once again got the unofficial/official badge hunt blog right HERE, and you should subscribe to it if you’re not subscribed already.

If you subscribe, you also get access to the awesome spreadsheet, which is updated daily, to help you keep up with what badges you have and which ones you still need to get. It’s a huge help!

And speaking of the badge hunt, if you haven’t picked this one up in the surf yet, here’s a freebie: CLICK HERE

Happy Badge Hunting! 🙂

Written by Lynn M.

Lynn M.

I talk and write online a lot about traffic exchanges & online/affiliate business since 2007-2008 at & elsewhere. I’m a former TE owner, nowadays I give away a lot of free advertising & other stuff via, and I recently opened I have dogs, cats, a fiance named Brian, and I’m a Southern gal and blonde, which means I get called Sunny Suggs a lot (and probably a lot more often than anyone calls her Lynn). Faves: Mexican food, orange soda, Waffle House, Tennessee Vols football.

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