So, I decided I was gonna switch blogging weeks, and I told Sunny I was gonna post on Thursday or Friday this week. She might fire me if I don’t post. You think I’m kidding, but noooo.

But, I’m blogged out today – I, of all people, should know I shouldn’t ever try to make two separate and unrelated and (hopefully) intelligent blog posts on the same day.

So I’m taking the easy way out and pointing you here today. If you’re already subscribed to my blog then you probably already read it and I apologize. If you didn’t, then it’s still pretty fresh and something to maybe chew on.

And if you don’t wanna read that, maybe you wanna see bouncing kittens.

Either way, I’ve got ya covered. Have a great weekend, peeps!

Written by Lynn M.

Lynn M.

I talk and write online a lot about traffic exchanges & online/affiliate business since 2007-2008 at & elsewhere. I’m a former TE owner, nowadays I give away a lot of free advertising & other stuff via, and I recently opened I have dogs, cats, a fiance named Brian, and I’m a Southern gal and blonde, which means I get called Sunny Suggs a lot (and probably a lot more often than anyone calls her Lynn). Faves: Mexican food, orange soda, Waffle House, Tennessee Vols football.

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