Well, as you’re probably aware, there really hasn’t been a whole heck of a lot of CTP Teams-related stuff of any note to share lately… especially in the top division where Lucky 13 seems to be permanently stuck at #2, it’s been pretty much the same for weeks (well, months really).

And I’m participating in Marian Gurowicz’s annual Freedom Day event today, and one of the things on my to-do list was to blog here today, so, yeah. (LOL)

With that said, I encourage you to take three minutes of your time away from building your business and working on your to-do lists to check out this thing I saw the other day that is like the best thing ever.

The look on this guy’s face when he notices what’s going on is priceless! (And Brian and I can totally see our psycho cat Tojo doing this, hahaha)…. enjoy!

Written by Lynn M.

Lynn M.

I talk and write online a lot about traffic exchanges & online/affiliate business since 2007-2008 at LynnM.net & elsewhere. I’m a former TE owner, nowadays I give away a lot of free advertising & other stuff via Win10WithLynn.com, and I recently opened CommissionScoop.com. I have dogs, cats, a fiance named Brian, and I’m a Southern gal and blonde, which means I get called Sunny Suggs a lot (and probably a lot more often than anyone calls her Lynn). Faves: Mexican food, orange soda, Waffle House, Tennessee Vols football.

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