Have you heard about the new CTP Teams bonuses? If not, here is a glance:

1. For every member on your team who is also a RocketResponder subscriber – 100% team bonus
2. For every member of your team who is also a Trck.me subscriber – 100% team bonus
3. For every member of your team who is also a member of Kore4 – 100% team bonus.
4. For every member of your team who is in all three of the above programs – an extra 200% bonus on top of the above bonuses, making a 500% team bonus.

The Kore4 bonus will apply in addition to all the other existing bonuses that members get for being in Kore4, making this ultimate upgrade more attractive than ever before for CTP Teams players.

We kept this as simple and easy-to-understand as possible so the new bonuses will be live and active all the time for as long as you are a member in the programs above.

You will be able to see the bonus on your team page…it shows up in blue.

Do you see the hidden value in this? Well… it is an encouragement for those of us who don’t make use of the tools at our disposal to help us get better marketing results.

Before you say ‘it’s good for TimTech, not for us,’ think about something. TimTech always encourages us to be unique and stand out in our marketing. They also encourage us to use things like trackers and autoresponders and the like. All to help us to get better marketing results.

Sure, if we use the tools from TimTech they benefit. But aren’t WE the ones who truly benefit by getting better results? The whole CTP teams thing is supposed to encourage friendly competition, teamwork and networking, but some miss that point.

So…. if we have avoided using things like tracking tools and autoresponders now would be a great time to start using them if we can fit it into our budget.

Remember folks, it’s not about which team wins or about what profit TimTech gets out of the whole thing. It’s about teamwork, networking, business building and so on. Let us also focus on the underlying benefits of things instead of just examining things at face value.

Enough of my blah blah blah for this post 🙂

Go Lucky 13 and Lucky 13 Too!!!

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Written by John Brewer

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