I’ll keep this short and sweet today.  I know at this time of year we all have so much to do with our business but let’s not forget the small stuff.

There are a lot of sites out there that will give you credits every day if you just surf 50 pages…  My favorite is Sunshine Surf Club.

Then there is Sweeva that you only need 10 sites for. 10 a day is the Sweeva Way.

This week we had a RE Launch of a great site..  TRAFFIC-SPLASH.  Wow I was blown away.  If you are not a Member Sign Up today HERE. They now have Badges and XP.  There is a grand Contest going on as well…  Go Check it out

Now for the Important stuff….  BLACK FRIDAY

This is 103 hours of TE bargains that you are never going to see again.  It starts tonight at 12:00am and goes and goes and goes.  Some of your favorite Spreecast will be on here.  AND… there is a Chance for you and your team mates to get in on a boat load of XPs.  I’m not going to re invent the wheel so to read about that go to CTP Team Blog to get all the details

I Hope Everyone here in the US has a wonderful ThanksGiving Tomorrow and will enjoy shopping for that someone special in the coming weeks.



Written by Jean Kopinski

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