Normally I don’t like the winter time. Although it is a beautiful time of the year and I also can breath better (because of my asthma), I simply don’t like being cold. Been there, done that, hate it!

But I must say that I simply love the fact that it’s winter time here at Lucky 13 Too. The winter time that has come to Lucky 13 Too is Winter Perkins! She is our new team leader. She has taken over the reins from David Morem, who took them over from me, John Brewer aka “Captain Too.” No, this has not been a hostile takeover and no feelings have been hurt. That’s not the way we roll in the Lucky 13 family. So there is no drama to be gossiped about folks!

Winter P. has brought a breath of fresh air to the Too team and a wonderful new spirit. Even though our team was not really intended to be in contention for the top spot at CTP Teams, when the new league arrangement came, that also changed our dynamic a bit. Our team members are still not pushed in any way to do more than they want, but for those who want to do more there is incentive to do so – thanks to our new team leader 🙂

Winter brings a fresh new spirit not only to Lucky 13 Too, but to the entire Lucky 13 family.

I am looking forward to seeing what else she has in store for our cool little team 🙂

Thanks a lot Winter! You are a motivation for me personally and I’m sure for our entire team!

Go Winter! Go Lucky 13! Go Lucky 13 Too!

Written by John Brewer

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