Hello!  And a very warm welcome to our blog!

We are Team Lucky 13 – and of COURSE we have a blog!

We’re not just surfers, we’re ACTION TAKERS!

You’ll be hearing from our members from time to time – trash talk, praises and gossip!

The fantastic graphics were made by team Member Rhonda Pizor of course!

I just realized there’s an exclaimation point after every sentence so far!

Well, I’m Sunny Suggs – I’ve been around the TE world for a few years now.  I’ve just opened a traffic exchange – Click Your Face Off!  Not only can you surf Click Your Face Off for the occasional bomb or Key ‘n Vault…  I give away dollars every day!

I have a hubby (you may have seen him in the top hat on the Click It video (he’s such a dork)), a cat named Dax, and 2 dogs, Daisy and Dexter.  No kids (thank goodness) and I live in the great state of Texas!  I was about to tell you how awesome my dogs are – but Dexter just showed me his lovely artwork with the torn up trash in the backyard.  He’s a perfectionist, ya know.

If you ever need anything, have any questions about TEs or blogs, you can reach me on skype at sunny.todd1

I hope you enjoy our blog, and know…  we’re gonna kick some KORE4 butt!

Written by Sunny Suggs

Sunny Suggs

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